4 No-Bake Thanksgiving Appetizers

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Getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table for a crowd is no easy task -- and with stuffingpotatoes and a turkey to make, there's no need to stress over appetizers, too!

Try these 4 beyond tasty appetizers from Chef Damaris Phillips that you can whip up ahead of time (or the morning of, for all you procrastinators) without an oven.

Country Ham-Wrapped Dates

ham-wrapped dates
Rachael Ray Show

Three ingredients -- that’s all you need to make this elegant twist on pigs in a blanket. Just wrap sweet, chewy dates with slices of country ham and drizzle with a bit of serrano-infused oil. If you have the time (and only if), feel free to bake them for a bit until the ham gets nice and crispy! (But trust us, they’re just as irresistible unbaked.)

GET THE RECIPE: Country Ham-Wrapped Dates

Rosemary and Orange Marinated Olives

marinated olives
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This is the only appetizer here that requires heat, but no biggie, because you can make these ahead of time!

Phillips heats olive oil in a small saucepot with orange zest, red pepper flakes and rosemary. Simmer for a few minutes so the flavors infuse and add in the olives. Cool it down and store in a jar until ready to serve. (A cheeseboard would go great alongside this -- just a suggestion!)

GET THE RECIPE: Rosemary and Orange Marinated Olives

Kentucky Autumn Sangria

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Phillips says that when guests arrive and they have a cocktail, they don’t even care if dinner isn’t done. (Truth!) Not only is sangria a pretty drink that everyone loves, it’s also easy to make. Just dump all of the ingredients in a pitcher and let it chill for a few hours. Done!

GET THE RECIPE: Kentucky Autumn Sangria

Biscotti-Salami Crostini

biscotti salami crostini
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Sweet and salty store-bought biscotti (the small ones without chocolate) are topped with a smear of herbed cream cheese and a slice salami. Sweet, savory and so easy to make -- everyone will love them!

GET THE RECIPE: Biscotti-Salami Crostini

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