6 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks From 3 Of The Healthiest Countries In The World

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Playing Anti-Aging Tips From Japan, The Country With The Highest Life Expectancy In The World

Here at our show, we're all about encouraging you to live your best life — no matter what your age — and we think that life is always something worth celebrating!

And a huge part of living your best life is living a healthy life, right?

That's why Rach and Dr. Ian Smith — physician, best-selling author, TV personality and a regular on our show — are taking a trip around the world, with help from viewers who reside in some of the top countries for life expectancy. Three viewers from three different locales are sharing their secrets for turning back the clock!


1. Put color on every plate

"Growing up in Japan, I learned from an early age that it's important to eat five different colors on every plate at every meal," Haya, 43, says. "We call this the rainbow plate!"

Haya says she typically likes to incorporate a leafy green such as spinach, colorful fruits like oranges, sweet peppers or tomatoes, a protein (fish or tofu), and always something pickled.

"Pickled foods often take longer to chew," she says. "And that gives our chopsticks a time to rest."

Haya is passing this Japanese tradition on to her two children — ages 5 and 7 — by making them bento boxes that follow the rainbow rule.

Rach and Dr. Ian are both big advocates of eating naturally colorful foods, so they loved this tip from Haya!

According to Dr. Ian, Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world at over 84 years old — so it can't hurt to take a closer look at some of the staples in their diet.

2. Implement matcha and seaweed into your diet

Matcha (which is essentially concentrated green tea) is full of antioxidants — including the EGCG antioxidant, which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body.

Matcha powder can be served hot or cold, or even sprinkled over popcorn! Watch Dr. Ian demonstrate how to make a simple matcha latte in the video above. (You just pour hot water over a teaspoon of matcha, add almond milk and stir!)

Seaweed — specifically kelp — is another Japanese staple, Dr. Ian continues. Wakame Kelp is a delicious snack that may reduce blood pressure, heart disease and cancer risk, as well as aid in weight loss, according to the doc.


3. Take care of your skin, nails and hair

"In Spain, we're always looking for natural ways to keep our skin looking bright," Beatriz, 44, says. "I like to massage my face to give it a healthy glow — to do that, I use my jade roller."

Jade rollers are an inexpensive and natural way to help your face muscles stay toned, according to Beatriz. You can also use them to apply serums or oils to your face. Beatriz uses a jade roller for around five minutes a day to help rejuvenate her skin.

"Olive oil is a staple in Spanish cuisine, but I like to put it in more than just my food," she continues. "I like to put olive oil in my cuticles in order to keep them strong and soft, and also on the ends of my hair."

Beatriz loves to spend time outside in the sunshine, soaking in vitamin D. "But it's also important to protect your skin," she says. "That's why I use 50 SPF sunscreen every day."

Dr. Ian tells us that Spain was named the healthiest country in the world, and a big part of that is their Mediterranean diet.

4. Use saffron and sherry vinegar in your cooking

"They use a lot of saffron in their foods," the doc says. He explains that not only is saffron full of antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory that promotes heart health, but it can easily be mixed in to soups, stews, sauces and more.

Need a creative way to incorporate saffron into your next meal? Check out Rachael's Pasta with Smoked Ham, Saffron and Cherry Tomato Sauce or this Basmati Rice with Coconut Water and Saffron!

Sherry vinegar is another great way to add flavor to something like a vinaigrette, without adding sodium, Dr. Ian says.


5. Shop locally and eat seasonally

The average Swiss life expectancy is 83.3 years, putting it just behind Japan as the second highest in the world.

Coco and her mom Veronique say that living in Switzerland, they always know where their products come from.

"The trend is to eat local and seasonal," Veronique explains.

"And it's amazing, because even in our supermarkets they try to promote the local farmers as much as possible," Coco adds.

6. It's OK to indulge sometimes — just balance it out

Switzerland is known for its chocolate, milk and cheese, and Coco and Veronique enjoy all three!

"If we indulge in something heavy like fondue one day, we try to eat fresh and lighter the next day," the mother-daughter pair say. "It's all about balance."

To make cheese fondue using local cheese, they simply heat garlic and white wine on the stove, then stir in the cheese until it is completely melted. See how easy it is to make in the video below.

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