6 of the Best Money-Saving Tips We Learned From TikTok

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We're loving TikTok lately—the oddly satisfying videos, the cutest-ever tiny food videos, and now we can't get enough of the money-saving tips. We constantly find ourselves looking for simple ways to save—and TikTok has so many, from finally learning how to use your fridge settings so produce stays fresh longer to the most cost-efficient way to book airline tickets.  

These money-saving tips are genius and super easy, which means once you get started with them, it'll be no time before you start saving some serious cash.  

Here are some of our favorite money-saving tips we've seen on TikTok.  

Check Your Fridge Settings 

If you didn't realize that most fridges allow you to adjust the drawer humidity setting specifically for fruits and veggies that rot easily, join the club. We can't tell you how many pints of pricey berries we've thrown away because they've gone bad. But, now that we know how to use this drawer properly, our food is going to last much longer without spending any extra money. 


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Freeze Herbs in Ice Cube Tray 

Not only will this tip save you money on herbs (which we know can get expensive!), but it will also save you major time in the kitchen. Popping your herbs, garlic and whatever other seasoning you love into an ice tray and freezing it will preserve the herbs and also speed up prep time. Such a genius idea! 


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Shop Smarter for Produce 

Before you even place items in your basket at the store, there are things you could be doing to save money. Shopping for produce that list prices as "each" instead of "per pound" allows you to choose the biggest one, and get the most for your money. Also, spotting bigger packages often means you'll save more than buying in smaller quantities. And don't splurge on pre-cut produce that you can easily do yourself. (Pre-cut strawberries? We don't think so!)  


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Reconsider When You Do Laundry 

We had no idea that there were off-beat hours to use appliances (like your washing machine) until we saw this TikTok. Just simply doing your laundry at a different time or remembering to unplug vampire plugs—things that are plugged in, but aren't doing anything—could be saving you money on your utility bill. Sounds like found money to us!  


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Temporarily Cancel Subscriptions 

Finding yourself automatically paying for countless subscriptions? Us too. But, this TikToker shares a tip that we never would've thought to try. Cancelling your subscription for certain things could lead to them offering a discount for you to re-subscribe. And, if you find that there's no discount offered, you can just subscribe again, so there's absolutely no harm in giving this tip a shot.  


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Change the Way You Book Flights 

We're not over the creativity of this tip—not only will you be able to save lots on your airline tickets by using Google Flights this way, but you could also end up going on some unexpected adventures to new places, which we absolutely love.  


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