Are Skinny Jeans Dead? Style Expert Stacy London Says Absolutely Not—And Here's Why

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Skinny jeans and side parts. You know where we're going with this…

Gen Zs on TikTok says they're dead and uncool—along with one of our favorite emojis, might we add. (This guy: 😂)

As far as skinny jeans go, we're not quite ready to throw ours out. (After all, most style trends tend to come back around anyway. Mom jeans, anyone?) So we asked style expert Stacy London to weigh in—and hopefully ease our skinny-jean-loving minds.

"The latest I heard is that skinny jeans have gone the way of a lot of other trends—[that] they have died," Stacy says. "But they haven't. The fact is, any jean company that is going to make a different cut of jean is always going to keep skinnies in mind."

Phew. In fact, one of Stacy's favorite pairs of jeans to this day? Her 1980s acid-wash skinny jeans.

"Denim isn't really a trend," she adds. "Denim never goes away. The most important thing to know about denim is that if it doesn't make your butt look good, you're wearing the wrong shape."

Well, there you have it! If your skinny jeans are working for you, wear 'em loud and proud.

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