Our 50 All-Time Best Chicken Recipes

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Rachael may be the "Burger Queen," but over the years, many a chicken dish has made an appearance on the show. And since you all seem to eat them up (pun intended), we thought we'd round up 50 of your all-time favorites.

Scroll through to see if your go-to chicken dish made the list:

1. Baked Chicken Tenders

Nothing beats juicy, crunchy chicken fingers for dinner!

baked chicken tenders

2. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken With Feta & Pepperoncini

Rach's Greek-inspired sheet pan dinner with feta cheese, potatoes + pepperoncini is so easy.

sheet pan chicken
Rachael Ray Show

3. Greek Sheet Pan Chicken with Tzatziki and Charred Pita

A lined sheet pan makes clean-up a cinch for this yummy Greek chicken meal, complete with fresh tzatziki + charred pita for dipping & wrapping.

Greek chicken
Rachael Ray Show

4. Keto Casserole: Buffalo Chicken, Cauliflower & Bacon

This Buffalo chicken casserole made with cauliflower is packed with protein + fat (hello, bacon) and gluten-free, so it's keto diet friendly.

gluten free buffalo chicken casserole
Rachael Ray Show

 5. Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Fennel & Celery Slaw

A crunchy and refreshing slaw accompanies this easy pan-fried chicken coated with a tangy balsamic sauce.

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Fennel & Celery Slaw
Rachael Ray Show

6. Sticky Asian Chicken

Rach's Sticky Asian Chicken is glazed with a sweet, garlic-ginger sauce & served over a veggie-packed green rice.

Sticky Asian Chicken With Rice
Rachael Ray Show

7. Buttermilk-Brined Southern Fried Chicken

A spiced flour mixture and an herbed buttermilk brine makes Rach's Southern fried chicken over-the-top delicious.

Buttermilk-Brined Southern Fried Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

8. Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

This cheesy casserole is traditionally made with rotisserie chicken, but could be just as tasty using diced or pulled leftover turkey.

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
Rachael Ray Show

9. Chicken & Ricotta Meatballs

Ricotta adds a lighter texture to these meatballs that are simmered in a spiced-up tomato sauce.

Chicken & Ricotta Meatballs With Garlic Bread
Rachael Ray Show

10. Chicken Marsala with Black Pepper Polenta or Egg Pasta with Herbs

Rach makes a creamy chicken marsala that's chock full of meaty mushrooms.

chicken marsala
Rachael Ray Show

11. Classic Chicken Marsala

Looking for something a bit more basic? Curtis Stone shares his recipe for classic Chicken Marsala.

chicken marsala
Rachael Ray Show

12. Brined & Fried Chicken Tenders

Guy Fieri brines the chicken before coating with seasoned panko & frying for extra-juicy, crunchy tenders finished with his special fry seasoning.

chicken tenders

13. Chicken Pizzaiola

Breaded chicken gets baked to crunchy perfection then sandwiched between melted mozzarella & a light, fresh tomato sauce in Lidia Bastianich's Pizzaiola recipe.

Courtesy Lidia Bastianich

14. Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Frozen breaded chicken cutlets + jarred sauce make this recipe from QVC host David Venable doable just about any night of the week.

chicken parmesan casserole
Rachael Ray Show

15. Chipotle Chicken and Black Bean Burritos

Go southwestern with layers of spicy green rice, smoky beans and rotisserie chicken in a cheesy chipotle sauce.

Rachael Ray Show

16. Creamy Baked Ziti With Chicken and Cherry Peppers

A quick food processor tomato sauce and a smart technique that allows you to put the dry pasta directly into the casserole before baking makes this dish a cinch.

baked ziti
Rachael Ray Show

17. Chicken Stroganoff

A creamy combo of chicken + mushrooms are served over egg noodles and topped with herbs in Rach's fresh take on Chicken Stroganoff.

chicken stroganoff
Rachael Ray Show

18. Slow-Cooker White Wine Chicken With Garlic & Tarragon

Creamy slow-cooked white wine chicken is accented by garlic and tarragon in this easy, one-pot recipe from Donal Skehan's cookbook Meals In Minutes.

white wine chicken
Rachael Ray Show

19. Kung Pao Chicken

This take-out classic comes together in minutes, making it ideal for busy weeknight dinners.

Kung Pao Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

20. King Ranch Casserole With Salsa Verde + Ranchero Cream

Salsa verde, ranchero cream, rotisserie chicken + torn, blistered tortillas are layered together in Rach's King Ranch Casserole.

ranch casserole
Rachael Ray Show

21. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Chicken pot pie in soup form means all the comfort food flavor minus the crust.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Rachael Ray Show

22. Creamy Chicken Broccoli & Rice Soup

Rach's one-pot soup is a delicious way to eat your broccoli—in a creamy broth with shredded rotisserie chicken + 2 kinds of rice.

broccoli soup
Rachael Ray Show

23. White Chicken Chili

This simple and delicious chili recipe is the perfect game-day party food.

White Chicken Chili

24. Chicken, Potatoes and Apples Tray Bake With Stuffing Balls

Rach makes an easy tray bake dinner of chicken, potatoes, apples + stuffing balls.

chicken with stuffing balls
Rachael Ray Show

25. Brown Sugar Baked Chicken

A tangy hot glaze = lip-smackin' chicken from Carla Hall.

Brown Sugar Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

26. Mediterranean Chicken Stir-Fry

A seasoned yogurt marinade tenderizes lean chicken breast in this veggie-packed stir-fry dinner from Kelsey Nixon.

Kelsey Nixon's Mediterranean Chicken Stir-Fry
Rachael Ray Show

27. Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans

This one-skillet meal—complete with sides and sauce—pulls together in minutes before being finished off in the oven.

Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

28. Bolognese-Style Chicken Cutlets

Pro tip: When pounding the chicken with the mallet, use smooth and firm but even strokes in a down and away motion to avoid tearing the meat, Rach says.

Bolognese-Style Chicken Cutlets
Rachael Ray Show

29. Healthy Spatchcock Chicken with Grilled Carrots & Tomato-Celery Salad

Richard Blais lost 80 lbs with healthy meals like this spatchcock chicken with grilled carrots + tomato-celery salad.

spatchcock chicken with carrots and tomato salad
Rachael Ray Show

30. Potato Chip-Crusted Fried Chicken

Once you make fried chicken with a potato chip crust, you may never make it any other way.

Potato Chip-Crusted Fried Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

31. Bacon, Fennel & Chicken Ragu

Bacon serves as the base for this quick-cooking ragu that calls for a rotisserie chicken and fragrant fennel and thyme.

Bacon, Fennel, & Chicken Ragu
Rachael Ray Show

32. Southern Fried Chicken

Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, this buttermilk-coated fried chicken from celebrity chef Curtis Stone is finger-licking good.

Curtis Stone's Southern Fried Chicken
Rachael Ray Show

33. Coconut Chicken With Spicy Peas and Potato

Coconut milk gives this braised chicken dish a rich creaminess, while the rainbow of vegetables deliver big on fiber and nutrients.

Rachael Ray Show

34. Chicken Ramen Bowls

A rotisserie chicken makes quick work of Rach's flavorful ramen bowl that gets a kick from jalapeño peppers.

Rachael's Chicken Ramen Bowls
Rachael Ray Show

35. Dragon Chicken, Sesame Broccolini and Jasmine Rice

Glazed chicken is served alongside fragrant jasmine rice and broccolini slicked with an umami-laden combo of black bean sauce and spicy pickled peppers.

Rachael's Dragon Chicken, Sesame Broccolini and Jasmine Rice
Rachael Ray Show

36. Chicken Pepperoni

This one-pan dinner of chicken and veggies in tomato sauce is topped with mozzarella and broiled to cheesy perfection.

Chicken Pepperoni
Nicole Franzen

37. Chicken & Vegetable Ragu With Rigatoni

Rach pulls together a hearty rosemary-infused chicken and veggie ragu that's just right for tossing with tubes of rigatoni.

Chicken and Vegetable Ragu with Rigatoni
Rachael Ray Show

38. Chicken Cacciatore and Pappardelle (Pollo alla Cacciatora)

The rich flavors of Rach's chicken cacciatore do double-duty as a pasta sauce for long ribbons of egg pappardelle.

Chicken Cacciatore and Pappardelle
Rachael Ray Show

39. Chicken Francese

The classics never get old!

Rachael Ray Show

40. Spicy Chicken Parm

2 versions make this recipe twice as nice! Tomatoes and cheese or hot honey and cheese, you won't lose either way.

Rachael’s Spicy Chicken Parm
Rachael Ray Show

41. Chicken Riggies With Greens

"This is a mash-up of 'chicken riggies' and Utica-style greens," Rach says.

chicken riggies
Rachael Ray Show

42. Curtis Stone's Chicken Francese

Similar to Piccata, but little differences make this chicken dinner stand on its own.

Rachael Ray Show

43. Crunchy Cornmeal Fried Chicken

That CRUNCH though.

fried chicken

44. Skillet Chicken With Figs

Chicken thighs and breasts are pan-seared in a skillet then braised in the oven with a fresh fig sauce. Hello, easy one-pan meal.

Skillet Chicken with Figs
Rachael Ray Show

45. Chicken Milanese and Antipasti Salad

A heaping salad made up of crisp, crunchy and flavorful antipasti is served atop a breaded chicken cutlet.

Rachael's Milanese and Antipasti Salad
Rachael Ray Show

46. Pollo alla Diavolo and Roast Potato Wedges with Rosemary

Rach's Pollo alla Diavolo, or devil's-style chicken gets its fiery flavor from paprika, mustard & chili paste.

grilled chicken
Rachael Ray Show

47. Crustless Chicken Pot Pie With Cracker Crumble

The crustless chicken pot pie begins with poached chicken and ends with a topping of crisp, cheesy cracker crumbs.

Grant Melton's chicken pot pie
Rachael Ray Show

48. Baked Chicken Thighs With Peruvian Marinade

A tasty marinade infused with cumin, paprika + garlic is the secret behind this easy, budget-friendly recipe for baked Peruvian chicken thighs.

Baked Chicken Thighs With Peruvian Marinade
Rachael Ray Show

49. BBQ Chicken Nachos

Rach's Homemade BBQ Sauce + shredded chicken = next-level nachos.

BBQ Chicken Nachos
Rachael Ray Show

50. Chicken Saltimbocca

A childhood favorite of Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, chicken saltimbocca is his pick for a quick & easy date night meal.

chicken saltimbocca
Rachael Ray Show

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