Rachael Says She Never Wants To Retire — "Unless I'm Dead"

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Rach often talks about growing up in the Adirondacks, which is where she's currently living and filming her at-home shows. She also talks about her love for Italy, where she and her husband John were married and where both their families come from. (She's also a huge fan of Austin, Texas, her "home away from home.")

One viewer wanted to know where Rachael sees herself retiring — and if it's in one of these places that are near and dear to her heart. But as it turns out, it's not a question of where, or even if — as long as Rach has something to say about it.

Q: "Where do you see yourself retiring?"

A: "I don't consider retiring," Rach says. "Unless I'm dead."

"I will always work in food or write or express myself in some way. I don't think of life in sections like that."

"I do what I love for a living," she continues. "John and I — no joke — actually came home a little early from our own honeymoon because we wanted to get back to work. But yes, we love spending time in New York City, of course, in the Adirondacks and in Italy where we were married and where half of my family and all of John's family comes from."

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