Easy & Cheap Weeknight Meal You Can Make On The Grill

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Don't just think of the grill as a party tool this summer — let it work for you on busy weeknights, too!

When a busy mom of two sitting in our studio audience asked "Top Chef" Richard Blais for his go-to weeknight meal on the grill, this refreshing idea rolled off Richard's tongue:

Chicken thighs in a quick marinade wrapped up in a pita with fresh vegetables (try Rach's Chicken Pitas with Greek Salsa and Zucchini Tzatziki) — with a chopped cucumber and tomato salad (try Rach's Tomato-Cucumber Salad With Chilies and Mint). 

Umm, YUM!

(You can also try Carla Hall's Spicy Brick Chicken With Grilled Radicchio and Oranges.)

"Chicken cooks really, really quickly," Richard says. "You don't need to marinate it overnight."

"Chicken thighs are the best bargain for protein, I think, in the entire grocery store," Rach adds.

Plus, Rach and Richard agree that chicken thighs are really, really hard to mess up. "If you slightly overcook a chicken thigh, it still has flavor," Rach says. 

Phew, we'll take all the leeway we can get on chaotic weeknights, right?

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