Freezer Meals: 18 Sauces, Soups, Stews, Chilis + Casseroles That Freeze Well

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Wasting food is never something we want to do, but especially while we all stay home to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19, many of us are looking for ways to make our groceries last as long as possible.

That's why one viewer's question for Rach is such a good ask — and her answer was super thorough!

Q: "What's the best meal I can freeze and eat for a few weeks?"

A: In general, "anything that you can make saucy" is a good freezer meal option that will taste great after it's reheated, according to Rachael.

"Anything saucy — chili, soups, stews, pasta sauces — make double batches. If you're going to make one, make some."

Once it's cooked, let it cool to room temperature, then put it in a plastic food storage bag and store it flat in your freezer. Of course, if you have the room, you can also use stackable plastic food storage containers.

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Another of Rach's tips is to make a complete list of what you have in your freezer so you can mark off what you've used to help you keep track.

"Since this all came down, I keep freezer lists," Rach says. She writes down every raw ingredient, blanched vegetable, protein, salsa, sauce, soup and meal she has in the freezer. "When I use a dinner or a product, I put an X through it so I know I no longer have that on hand."

rachael freezer list
Rachael Ray Show

Here are 18 sauces, soups, stews and meals that keep well in the freezer, straight from Rach's own list.

1. Puttanesca Sauce

pasta puttanesca

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Rachael Ray Show

3. Marinara Sauce

4. all'Amatriciana (Tomato and Onion Sauce)

Rachael Ray Show

5. Tomato Basil Sauce

6. Tomato, Potato & Green Bean Soup

7. Beef, Barley, Bacon & Mushroom Soup

8. Portuguese Kale and Chorizo Soup

Rachael Ray Show

9. Spanish-Style Chili with Chimichurri Sauce

"I froze both the chimichurri and the chili," Rach says.

10. Tuscan-Style Meatball Mix

Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs With Kale
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: You can freeze any kind of ground meat mix, such as meatloaf or meatball, and bake them off later.

11. Chicken Suiza

12. Pozole

Rachael Ray Show

13. Beef and Eggplant Ragu

14. Vegetarian Eggplant Ragu

Rachael's Mushroom, Eggplant And Harissa Raqu with Rigatoni
Rachael Ray Show

15. Greek Lamb Ziti

16. Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

The recipe above includes Rachael's salsa verde recipe, "which you can just use for snacking," she says.

17. Deviled Ham

18. Chicken Pot Pie Filling

chicken pot pie

"I make the puff pastry separate," Rach says.

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