Nutritionist Shares Tips on How You Could “Eat More” to Lose Weight

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Looking to set reasonable weight-loss goals that are actually fun and allow you to “eat more”? You’ve come to the right place! 

Ilana Muhlstein, a registered dietician and author of You Can Drop It!, shares ways to make a healthy lifestyle easier and more attainable. 

Growing up, Ilana says she struggled with her weight and did not find traditional weight-loss methods to be effective. “For years, I was taught to count calories or eat smaller portions, which obviously wasn’t working,” she says. 

However, after using her scale as an “accountability tool,” Ilana lost a whopping 100 pounds AND kept it off. Ilana says this experience inspired her to become an expert on the subject in order to “change the narrative around weight loss into something that can be joyful, fun, positive, and even celebrated.” 

She even says you’ll never “say ‘no’ to eating.” 

Here are her four tips: 

1. Use Ilana’s “More? Sure!” Model 

Ilana says she created her “More? Sure!” model for anyone with a big appetite or who attends social events with a lot of food options. The aim is to follow this cycle in order to stay in control of your eating. 

At the top of the cycle is water. “Drinking 16 ounces of water is going to help you set a positive tone and pace yourself with your food choices,” she says. 

Ilana says your first bite should be a veggie, and then a protein. 

After this, she says to choose a smart carb with lots of fiber. However, what happens if you eat something delicious, such as smashed potatoes, that “taste way better than you thought they would?”  

Ilana says “Sure!” but go back to the cycle — by drinking more water (or tea) and eating more veggies — before you indulge.  

“With my 'More? Sure!' model, you’re never saying ‘no’ to eating. You’re just approaching balanced eating in a way that will lead to positive weight loss.” 

2. Get Out Your Calendar 

“A goal is so much more successful when it feels attainable and you actually have a deadline,” Ilana says.  

She adds that in addition to your larger weight-loss goal, you should set a 2-pound weight-loss goal in 7-21 day increments. 

“Because no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, those 2 pounds do add up,” she says. 

3. Use Ilana’s 2:2 Rule 

Ilana’s 2:2 rule is simple: eat two cups of veggies by 2 p.m.  

“Because veggies make you feel full and help you lose more weight,” she says. 

Ilana adds that you can “actually eat more to weigh less” as long as you’re filling up with voluminous, flavorful veggies.  

“The more [veggies] you eat, the better you’ll start to look and feel.”   

4. Be Aware of Open-Ended Foods 

Ilana says to be mindful of open-ended foods, which she defines as large bags of chips or pretzels that don’t have a specific serving size. 

“If your environment is set up with all these temptations, you’re going to have a much harder time,” she says. 

Instead, Ilana recommends sticking to foods with trackable serving sizes, like whole fruits, pre-sliced breads, or 100-calorie packs of popcorn. 

“When you set your environment up for success, you’re setting yourself up for success. Because ultimately, what’s in sight ends up in [your] stomach.”

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