Rachael's New Book "This Must Be The Place" That She Wrote During Quarantine Is On Pre-Order NOW

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Playing Rachael Makes Heartfelt Announcement About Her New Book "This Must Be The Place"

Remember when Rachael said she was writing a new book during quarantine in 2020? Well, guess what! You can get your hands on This Must Be The Place on November 9, 2021—and pre-order is available NOW. We couldn't be more excited.

This Must Be The Place By Rachael Ray

This Must Be The Place By Rachael Ray

$32 $22

"I'm writing a book right now, and it's about this year," Rach revealed in 2020. "It's similar to Rachael Ray 50—it's a collection of 15 to 20 essays about what we've been through, and of course it will include recipes as well. So yes!"

And she kept her promise! The new book of "dispatches & food from the home front," as Rach puts it, contains a whopping 127 recipes and 16 essays on life lessons, loss, gratitude and the special memories that make a house a home, all written from her home kitchen in upstate New York. Plus, the cover—featuring her and John—is downright adorable.

"The book is called This Must Be The Place," Rach explains. "It's one of my favorite songs. I love David Byrne a lot. But the book is really about how much we learned being here in this place. To us, we felt like we lost our privacy, but then we got so much more out of that from sharing our lives with you guys." 🧡

Watch Rach's heartfelt book announcement in the video above.

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