Rach's Go-To Meal For Loved Ones That They Just Have To Heat Up & Serve

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When you want to do something thoughtful for a loved one who just had a baby, who is under the weather or is just too busy to cook right now, a homemade meal that they can heat up and serve is a great idea. One of our viewers asked Rach about her go-to dish for these situations, and Rach is sharing a shortlist of suggestions.

Q: My niece is about to have a baby in November. I want to make some meals for them to help them out. What are your go-to meals to take to your friends when they are sick or have had a baby, etc.?
— Dorothy, viewer via Instagram

"I do this often. It's such a great idea," Rach says. "We started gifting lasagnas — lasagnas are great. Baked pasta dishes, soups — think comfort foods and things that freeze well."

Not sure what kinds of foods freeze well? "Anything saucy or soupy freezes well," according to Rach. "Lasagnas freeze really well. Marinara sauce, spaghetti and meatballs (keep the spaghetti on the side, they can cook it off whenever they like). Minestrone, any baked pasta."

Rach points out that lasagnas can easily be made vegetarian, too. And depending on your loved one's favorites, you can make all kinds of lasagnas outside of the classic recipe. Here are a few ideas:

"If you want to be really delightful, you can bring them one ready to go and one that is not cooked off yet, something that's not baked off or that is fully cooled so it can go into the freezer," Rach says.

She also points out that with her double-decker Lasagna Lugger, "you can keep a frozen one in the bottom and a hot one on top. But I actually make thermal containers for casseroles and lasagnas."

"So you gift them not only the food, but the container the food is in!" John adds. 

We know we'd love to receive that gift! 🧡

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