Rach's Secrets for Perfectly Moist Meatloaf—Never Cook a Dry Meatloaf Again!

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A viewer reached out on Instagram to ask Rach how to make moist, tender meatloaf—and she shares her tips.

"Well, it depends on how you cook something. If you cook something covered, it stays softer, and then you can just turn on the broiler for a second to brown the top. If you cook something open and freeform on a tray, it's always going to get firmer and crispier on the outside and a little drier on the inside," Rach explains.

And what if your main issue is that it ends up dry?

Make sure you're "putting in plenty of eggs and always moistening your breadcrumbs. Think about the moisture in the product itself before you put it in the oven," she says.

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