The Best Money-Saving Apps + Websites, According to a Top Financial Planner

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We all need a little help saving money these days, so Inspired Capital Founder, Alexa von Tobel, is here to help. By using these apps and websites that von Tobel recommends, you could start saving the big bucks—we're talking hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. And did we mention these resources are free?! 

1. Let an app negotiate and lower your monthly bills.  

It's simple using Truebill, explains von Tobel. "You connect your bill by snapping a photo, and their negotiators get to work looking for hidden discounts. They will never downgrade or remove your services. Instead, they lower your bill by either negotiating a better rate, or by getting one-time credits applied to your account." This definitely sounds like a super easy way to start saving lots of money—and fast. Not to mention, Truebill also helps you stay on top of upcoming bills, pay bills on time and avoid late fees and overdrafts. The company even claims they can save you up to $720 per year. Now that's a big chunk of change!.  

2. Invest spare change easily online.  

Investing could be a great way to help your money go further. " lets you own slices of companies starting with as little as $1. Fractional investing makes it easy to start small and add as you gain confidence." So, if you don't have much to invest now, that's fine, you can still start investing with Public. Plus, they charge zero commission to invest in any stock.  

3. Put household shopping on autopilot with recurring subscriptions.  

You'll never run out of toilet paper again, plus you'll get it for a great price thanks to programs like Amazon's Subscribe & Save. You can save up to 15% off if you subscribe to five items or 20% off for diapers and baby food. And if you're not an Amazon shopper, there are similar programs on Walgreens and Chewy, too. So, the savings will never stop! 

4. Start saving on home and car insurance with an app.  

Talk about an easy way to find potential savings. Policygenius allows you to compare quotes from various home and auto insurance companies all in one place, so you can make sure you're choosing the best option for you.  

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