The Best Way To Grate Whole Nutmeg

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Rachael often suggests using freshly grated nutmeg in her recipes — like in her Pumpkin & 'Nduja Rigatoni or Cheesy Mashed Potatoes — so one viewer reached out to ask how much of a whole nutmeg you should use.

Question: You often recommend using freshly grated nutmeg. When you grate nutmeg, how deep can you grate — aka how small do you grate the nutmeg?
- Connie, viewer via Facebook

"Use the entire piece of nutmeg," Rach says.

"[Grate nutmeg] on the zester side of your microplane or grater," she adds. "The smallest grater that you have."

(Just don't grate your fingers, John quips—though Rach says she has accidentally done that before!)

Another way to get the job done? Use a nutmeg grinder—a kitchen gadget Rachael's friend Chef Michael Symon introduced to her.

"I saw Michael Symon, my dear friend, using this and giggling about it and I became obsessed with it."

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder


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