The Easiest, Quickest Way To Get Rid of Used Frying Oil With ZERO Mess

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Don't pour your hot frying oil down the kitchen sink! A viewer asked "What do you do with all the oil after you shallow pan fry food?" and Rach has a solution that's fast and easy to use.  

"There is a thing called hard oil and it's an environmentally safe product that you add to oil. It's a powder that comes in little satchels and you pour that in and it solidifies it so you can discard it safely. It's a great product," says Rach.   

"It coagulates the oil and then you just peel it out like a candle, right out of the pan," John adds.   

Hard Oil

Hard Oil


Of course, you don't have to buy anything to get rid of your frying oil—Rach has other tips, too, but this is her favorite, mess-free and speedy way to clean up, especially if you cook a lot.  

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