The Products You Need To Copy J.Lo's Super Bowl 2020 Curls + Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Super Bowl 2020 might feel like it happened a lifetime ago, but if there's one thing we'll never forget from that night, it's J.Lo's amazing hair. In case you need a reminder, here's a photo posted by Chris Appleton, the celeb hairstylist behind those flawlessly bouncy curls:

"Every time she flung her head back it flung back into place," Chris says, "and I guess people are enjoying seeing bouncy hair back."

Chris says you can recreate J.Lo's iconic look from the Super Bowl Halftime Show at home. And to prove it, he set up one of our viewers, Eliza, with bouncy curls worthy of J.Lo herself.

J.Lo and viewer photos side by side
Newscom/Rachael Ray Show

Here's how he did it in just three steps. Get the how-to and shop the products Chris used below.

Step 1: Prep Hair With An Anti-Humidity Spray + Blow Dry to Set

Chris began by prepping Eliza's hair with a heat-activated anti-humidity spray (he likes Color Wow Dream Coat so much that he's a paid spokesperson for the company). "We prepped the hair in that to stop the humidity and keep the bounce and the curl in there. We blow-dried that into the hair," he says, because the spray is heat-activated.

"Like waterproof furniture outside, how the water beads up, that's effectively what happens with this. The water just rolls off," the hairstylist explains.

Step 2: Add and/or Shape Curls With Heat

Chris is all about adapting his celeb hairstyles so real people can do them at home. While he didn't use this gadget for J.Lo's Super Bowl 2020 halftime show curls, he says the Dyson AirWrap will help you nail this look at home.

"The curling iron with the tong, most people can't use. Most women at home say, 'I can't handle that clip. I don't know what to do with it,'" Chris says.

This one is so user-friendly that you're less likely to burn your hair (or yourself!) while using it, compared to a regular clamp-style curling iron, he explains.

"The AirWrap sucks the hair in, twists it around… see how it dries the hair into a curl."

Chris Appleton using the Dyson AirWrap to curl a viewer's hair
Rachael Ray Show

Step 3: Add Clip-In Hair Extensions For The "Money Piece" Look

"One of the biggest trends right now in terms of color is these money pieces at the front," Chris says, "the highlight [that] frames the face. A lot of people can't do it [with dye] because the bleach tends to break the hair. The hair at the front is the finest area, so it snaps off."

Chris's trick? Clip-in hair extensions in a lighter shade than your natural hair give you the look of a money piece without damaging your hair (and for way less $$)!

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