This Product Claims To Remove Split Ends Without Losing Length—We Tried It

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Playing Does a Split End Trimmer Really Work? Our Review of Split Ender Pro 2

Dealing with split ends can be super-frustrating. Not only is there no way to repair them, but going in for a haircut just for frequent trims to remove them can get  expensive. Not to mention, the appearance of broken and split ends damages the look and feel of your hair, and also contributes to the appearance of shorter hair and thinner ends.  

The Split-Ender Pro 2 claims to safely trim the tips of damaged, fried, broken, brittle hair and split ends in minutes, leaving you with long, beautiful and healthy strands.   

Split-Ender Pro 2 Hair Care Electric Tool for Split Ends

Split-Ender Pro 2 Hair Care Electric Tool for Split Ends


So, with the help of lifestyle expert and salon owner Gretta Monahan, we're bringing back our "Human Lab" where we have viewers try products to see if they really do what they claim. 

Our viewer, Semita from Queens, New York, says she has "the worst split ends." So, she was the perfect person to test this product.  

"Split-Ender Pro 2 Cordless Split-End Hair Trimmer snips the ends, not the length easier, faster and safer than scissors," the box reads.  

"I really hope it works," Semita says.  

After Semita gave it a try, she came to the studio to share her thoughts on the product.  

"When I tried it initially, I was using larger sections, so it was pulling on my hair when I used the larger sections. But I retried it using smaller sections—about a centimeter—[and] it did a pretty good job. My hair feels like it doesn't have any more split ends," she shares.  

Gretta also brought in two other viewers to test additional hair products—one for a dog and one that's supposed to give men a haircut without going to a barber shop.  

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