“Veggie Garden” Snack With Edible Soil Is a Fun Way to Serve Vegetables to Kids

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Erica Domesek, the DIY expert behind the lifestyle brand @psimadethis, has become well-known for her easy and inexpensive kid-friendly crafts that are not only fun but also educational (like her cardboard pizza oven + adorable piggy banks). 

Here, she shares an easy “veggie garden” with edible soil from her new book, “P.S. We Made This.” What a clever way to get your kids to eat vegetables

P.S.- We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids!

P.S.- We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids!

$24.99 $18.99

“It’s going to give you a whole new meaning of ‘from farm to table,’” she says. 

What You Need 

-Terra-Cotta Pot 

-Coffee Filter or Wax Paper 


-Dark-Colored Bread (Pumpernickel is ideal) 





How to Make “Soil” 

1. In a blender, blend dark-colored bread slices to make bread crumb “soil.” 

How to Make Veggie Garden 

1. Line a terra-cotta pot with a coffee filter or wax paper. 

2. “Plant” fresh and clean vegetables directly into the “soil” and pair with a yummy dip on the side. 

Need ideas for dips? Try Rach’s Basic Hummus, Richard Blais’ Slow-Cooker Queso, and Kevin Curry’s Chipotle Cashew Dip.   

Overall, Erica says cooking with kids teaches them so many life lessons. 

“It gives them a lot of confidence and empowers them to eat healthier too, which I know we’re all looking to do with our kids.” 

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