You Can Order Carla Hall's Nashville Hot Fried Chicken + Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies Online RIGHT NOW

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Whenever Chef Carla Hall visits our show, our mouths water. From her Brown Sugar Baked Chicken to her Banana Pudding With Vanilla Wafer Crumble, we're always wishing we can have a bite. Well …

As luck would have it, Carla is on Goldbelly now — which means you can get her delicious food delivered right to your door. (Goldbelly ships nationwide!)

Before we get into all the goodies, we have great news for you! You can get $15 off your $50 purchase with the code GetInMyBELLY. (Offer is valid for new customers only and excludes shipping. Valid through 12/31/21.)

That's right, you can order her Nashville Hot Fried Chicken (with sides!), Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies, Cobbler Bars and Five Flavor Pound Cake right now.

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For $169, the Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Dinner serves four to six people and comes with eight pieces of fried chicken, mac 'n' cheese, savory cornbread, spicy oil and Carla’s signature "Hoot n Honey" Sauce. YUM.

"This is a Nashville delicacy," Carla says. "I'm proud to say that you can’t find it outside my hometown, at least not true versions of it, unless you make it at home."

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