The "Cake Boss" Shows You How Easy It Is to Make This Pretty "Naked" Cake

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Have those "naked" cakes — those minimalistic beauties that are iced so thin, the cake actually peeks through — been filling up your Pinterest boards?

And have the pics convinced you that you should try to make one at home?

Well, we brought in the "Cake Boss" himself, Buddy Valastro (who, by the way, is about to get inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame for his treats), to show you how it's done!

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(And, he says, if you want to stay on theme and cook in the buff, you do you!)

According to Buddy, you start by building your cake as you normally would (i.e. adding icing between the layers, for as many layers as you have). But then, instead of fully icing the sides of the cake, so that it looks smooth and flawless, you add only about half the icing you usually would on the side.


And the finished product? Artfully undone:

Nice, right?!

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Buddy confessed, "When I heard the term 'naked cake,' I was a little bit of a hater, I'm not going to lie! Because for me, being a perfectionist, it was like somebody like Rachael -- who don't know how to make a cake and ice it smooth -- is like a cheat."

(That's when Rach grabbed her knife — LOL!)

But now that he's done it, he's obsessed — and we are ? too!

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