Sneak Peek: Rach Is in ITALY for First-Ever 2-Day Premiere

Rachael is back for Season 17 on Monday, September 12—and she and John are at their home in Tuscany, Italy, for the special 2-day event.

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Rach's Set Design for In-Studio Shows (Cozy Audience Couches!)

For Season 17, Rach will be both in the studio and at-home—check out a behind-the-scenes look at the set with homey, cozy vibes in mind for Rach, our viewers + audience members.

How Rachael Decorated Her Upstate Home + NYC Apartment For 2021 Holidays

"This is the official holiday tour of the rebuilt house," Rachael says—and a holiday reunion with her NYC apartment after not celebrating there in 2020.

How Rach Decorated Her Upstate Home + NYC Apartment For the Holidays

This exclusive video tour of Rach’s 2021 Christmas decor in her upstate NY home and her NYC apartment is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Rach's New Book, "This Must Be The Place," Is Finally Out!

"This Must Be The Place," the book Rachael wrote in 2020, is finally here—and bestselling author Harlan Coben interviews her all about it.

Where To Get the Platform Sneakers Rach Has Been Wearing

If you've been watching our in-studio shows lately, you may have noticed Rachael wearing these super-cute Converse sneakers that she can't get enough of.

Rach Returns to Studio in New Set Kitchen: Watch Her Welcome Our First Studio Audience in 20 Months!

"It's a really special day for us here in NYC at my home away from home—that our team has turned into something that looks just like my home," Rach says.

Inside Rachael & John's Dreamy 16th Anniversary Celebration at Their New House in Italy

Rachael and John invited family and friends to their gorgeous newly renovated house in Tuscany, Italy, for their 16th anniversary celebration.

Rachael's Dream Home in Italy Is Complete—See Inside!

What started as a property without running water or electricity is now Rachael and John's gorgeous Tuscan villa.

Stop Everything and Listen to "Buongiorno Baby"—the Song John Co-Wrote for His Anniversary with Rach

To celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary, John performed the sweetest original tune for Rach, "Buongiorno Baby," which he wrote with Bob Schneider.

The Sweet Story Behind Rachael's Favorite Place to Eat in Tuscany

Rach recommends the restaurant where she + John had their rehearsal dinner to a viewer who asked where to eat in Tuscany, Italy.

Rachael Reveals Her Favorite Place to Eat in Tuscany, Italy | Q & Ray & J

"Where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding 16 years ago, and where we are taking all of the folks that are helping us work on the land we bought."

Rach's Mag Is All About Her Summer Trip To Italy (+ Her Big News)

"Rachael Ray In Season" Fall 2021 has gorgeous photos of Rach's trip to Italy, Italian recipes + big news.

Rachael Ray In Season Editor-in-Chief Talks Fall 2021 Italian Issue with Rach

Rach + Lauren Iannotti, editor-in-chief of Rachael Ray In Season magazine, agree that the Fall 2021 (mostly) Italian issue is one of their favorites EVER.