13 of Our Best, Incredibly Easy Sheet Pan Dinners

The best 2 words when it comes to cooking dinner on a busy day? One pan. Get 13 of our best sheet pan recipes—like sheet pan nachos, fajitas + pancakes.

How To Make John Cusimano's Pink Champagne "Moulin Rouge" Cocktail

Watch John stir together a French-inspired pink Champagne cocktail he named after the Moulin Rouge.

How To Make French Onion and Porcini Risotto | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach make a creamy porcini risotto with all the comforting flavors of French Onion Soup.

Pink Champagne + French Liqueur = John's "Moulin Rouge" Cocktail

Johns stirs up a pink champagne cocktail with French liqueur he named after the Moulin Rouge.

Rach's French Onion & Porcini Risotto Is Gluten-Free

Rach's French Onion & Porcini Risotto incorporates the flavors of a French classic everyone loves—and is gluten-free!

Taleggio Mezzaluna | Scott Conant

Chef Scott Conant makes Taleggio Mezzaluna with taleggio cheese and fresh pasta dough.

How To Make Fresh Pasta With a Pasta Maker

Chef Scott Conant shows you how to make fresh pasta with a pasta maker: macaroni, tagliatelle, fettuccine, linguine & pappardelle.

Our Top 5 Pinned Winter Recipes: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta, Pasta + BACON

Learn how to make TikTok-inspired baked feta pasta, 5-ingredient lemon butter pasta + more of our top pinned winter recipes.

Pesto Pizza | Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba shares the pesto pizza recipe that she, her husband + kids love.

Sheet Pan Pancakes With Hazelnut Spread

No-stress oven-baked pancakes that can feed a crowd are topped with hazelnut spread + hazelnuts.

How To Make "Tandoori" Chicken In a Regular Oven | Nadiya Hussain

Watch the host of Netflix's "Nadiya Bakes", Nadiya Hussain, show you how to make tandoori-style chicken in the oven—no special tandoor oven required!

Here's a Pro Hack For "Tandoori" Chicken Made In the Oven

Host of Netflix's "Nadiya Bakes," Nadiya Hussain shares an easy recipe for Tandoori-style chicken made in the oven—no special tandoor oven required!

Sheet Pan Utopia: Rach's Utica Tomato Pie

By reader request, Rach makes Utica Tomato Pie—which she dubs a cross between deep-dish pizza & focaccia topped with a bright tomato sauce—in a sheet pan.

How To Make Utica Tomato Pie | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach as she shares a recipe for Utica Pie, which she came up with by reader request!