Inspiring Sanctuary (With Cute Pig Named Ziggy) Takes In Unwanted Animals

Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, named after a cute “teacup pig” named Ziggy, takes in rescued animals regardless of their status.

Owners of “Teacup Pig” Take In + Care For Unwanted Farm Animals at Sanctuary

An NC couple took action when they saw that “mini pigs” were being abandoned by their owners: they opened their own farm to care for unwanted animals.

This 80-Year-Old Is a Professional Powerlifter—and She Says She's Stronger Than Her Children

Nora Langdon didn't start getting in shape until she was 65. Now, she's an 80-year-old professional powerlifter—and she says, "If I can do it, you can do it."
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Run-DMC's Darryl McDaniels Helps Foster Children After Finding Out He Was Adopted at Age 35

After finding out he was adopted at age 35, Run-DMC rapper Darryl McDaniels teamed up with fellow adoptee Sheila Jaffe to help foster children in need.

Yes, We Can Actually Change Our Metabolism

Citing new research, Dr. Will Li explains how we are all born with the same metabolism, why it slows down for some + how we can speed it up.

How Brown Fat Is Good For You + Can Burn The Bad Stuff Away

Dr. Will Li explains how brown fat can kick-start your metabolism, and how this good fat can be activated by common grocery store foods.

A “Good” Body Fat That Burns The Bad Stuff? Doc Explains Brown Fat

Dr. Will Li explains what brown fat is, how certain foods activate it and speed up your metabolism to fight harmful body fat.

It IS Possible to Change Your Metabolism For Weight Loss—Doctor Explains The Latest Research

Why do some people gain or lose weight more easily than others? Dr. Will Li explains new groundbreaking research about metabolism.

Doctor Weighs In on Screen Time + Offers an Alternative That's Better for Development

Child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa weighs in on screen time for young kids + offers a better alternative.

My Teenager Seems So… Distant. When Should I Worry?

Dr. G, who specializes in empowering parents with knowledge about child development, says you should ask your distant teen THESE questions.

How Do I Teach My Kids to Eat Healthier? They Only Want Junk Food!

Child development specialist Dr. Deborah Gilboa explains how to teach your children about nutrition so they reach for healthy foods instead of junk.

Youth Development Expert Answers Most-Asked Parenting Questions

Parenting & youth development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa, answers common questions she gets from parents.