Clean Out the Fridge + Pantry With This Everything Chili

Rachael shares a chili recipe she uses to clean out her fridge and pantry from her new book, "This Must Be the Place."

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Meat-and-Potatoes Lovers Will Eat Up This Hearty Main Dish from Rach

Rachael serves sauteed steaks in a chili-spiked sauce with potato croquettes that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

How to Make Deviled Steaks and Marcella Hazan-Style Crispy Potato Croquettes | Rachael Ray

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Fried Tomatoes With Garden Black Bean Chili

Chef Ryan Scott kicks our fave, fried green tomatoes, up a notch by adding black bean chili to the dish.

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Fat Tuesday Chili

Rach makes "Fat Tuesday chili" for Mardi Gras.

How To Make Everything Chili With Tortilla Tops | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach throw together pantry ingredients to make her Everything Chili With Tortilla Tops.

Easy Pantry Recipe: Rach's Everything Chili With Tortilla Tops

Rach's recipe for her tortilla-topped chili relies on pantry staples, making it ideal for days where a quick stop at the store just isn't in the cards.