How to Make Instant Pot Champagne Chicken | "Pressure Luck Cooking"

Watch blogger Jeffrey Eisner of "Pressure Luck Cooking" show you how to make Instant Pot Champagne chicken that's "out of this world!"

"Out-of-This-World" Instant Pot Champagne Chicken

Blogger Jeffrey Eisner of "Pressure Luck Cooking" shares his quick, easy + amazing Instant Pot chicken with a creamy Champagne sauce.

How to Make Kale Tahini Pasta | Justine Snacks

Watch TikTok star Justine Dorn of Justine Snacks show you how to make a quick, healthy and colorful pasta with tahini + kale.

Healthy & Quick Weeknight Pasta With Kale + Tahini

TikTok star Justine Dorn of Justine Snacks shares her creamy, healthy and easy kale, tahini + lemon pasta.

Make This Easy, Luscious Soup Before Sunchoke Season Ends!

Rachael shares one of her favorite things to make with sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes): an easy, creamy pureed soup with potatoes.

How to Make Sunchoke and Potato Soup | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael show you how to make a creamy, delicious + easy soup with sunchokes and potatoes.

How to Make Tomato Gnocchi with Cheese Sauce, Chicken and Mustard Croutons | Chef Justin Sutherland

Watch "Fast Foodies" co-host Justin Sutherland show you how to make his super cheesy gnocchi-inspired twist on a chicken sandwich with cheese fries.

Chicken Sandwich + Cheese Fries in Gnocchi Form?!

"Fast Foodies" co-host Justin Sutherland shares his super creamy and cheesy tomato gnocchi topped with chicken + croutons.

How to Make Rosemary Fettuccine with Spiced White Ragu

Watch the owners of Petite Pasta Joint in NYC show you how to make their rosemary pasta with a cheesy white beef ragu.

Step Aside, Red Sauce: White Ragu is the Bomb!

The owners of Petite Pasta Joint in NYC share their creamy, buttery, cheesy pasta with white beef ragu.

Chef Joe Flamm's Cacio e Pepe With Homemade Cavatelli

"Top Chef" winner Joe Flamm shares his recipe for homemade cavatelli that he turns into a creamy bowl of cacio e pepe pasta.

This Top Chef's Rigatoni Vodka Is a Super-Popular Restaurant Menu Item

Top Chef Antonia Lofaso shares one of the most popular dishes at Scopa in LA, a creamy, perfectly spiced pasta with vodka sauce topped with fresh ricotta.

How to Make Rigatoni Vodka | Top Chef Antonia Lofaso

Watch Top Chef Antonia Lofaso prepare her rigatoni vodka with a creamy sauce topped with fresh ricotta—popular at her restaurant Scopa in LA.

Lemon, Cream + Sugar Star in This Creamy No-Bake Dessert

Lemon Posset—a quick + easy no-bake British dessert—requires just 3 main ingredients and a few minutes of hands-on time.