Sheet Pan Utopia: Rach's Utica Tomato Pie

By reader request, Rach makes Utica Tomato Pie—which she dubs a cross between deep-dish pizza & focaccia topped with a bright tomato sauce—in a sheet pan.

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A puff pastry or pie dough topper gets placed over Rach's creamy beef or meatless filling for all the flavor of pot pie—without all the work.

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Hack alert! This Caramel Apple Blueberry Crisp uses store-bought biscuit dough.

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Watch Rach as she shares a recipe for Utica Pie, which she came up with by reader request!

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This pie dough recipe from the author of "The Book On Pie" is made with all butter instead of shortening for a perfectly flaky pie crust.

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How to make edible cookie dough with chocolate chips.

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