Comedian Heidi Gardner "Pleads" for This Celeb to Host "SNL" Again 15 Years Later

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Here's Why You Should Be Putting That "Mommy Gap" on Your Resume

"Shark Tank's" Barbara Corcoran gives expert advice to viewer Ashley on how to address gaps in your resume due to motherhood.

Here's Why You Should Be Putting That "Mommy Gap" on Your Resume | "Shark" Barbara Corcoran

"Shark" Barbara Corcoran helps mother of 3 Ashley "fix” her mommy resume gap (by including it as a job—with all of the new skills she developed as a SAHM!).

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Jay Leno Built a Kitchen in His Garage—Here's Why

Jay Leno makes his first appearance on our show—and comes to us virtually from the kitchen in his garage where he says he does most of the cooking.

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