Jacques Pepin's Quick and Easy English Muffin Shrimp Burgers

Jacques Pepin shares his quick and easy shrimp burgers, which he serves on English muffin halves with an optional dollop of trout roe.

How to Make Shrimp Burgers | Jacques Pepin

Watch Jacques Pepin show you how to make quick and easy shrimp burgers on English muffin halves. (To elevate them, dollop with trout roe!)

Jacques Pepin's Poached Chicken Salad + "Free" Soup!

Jacques Pepin shares his simple poached chicken salad tossed in a mustard-mayonnaise dressing spiked with hot sauce and chives. (Bonus: "Free" soup!)

How to Make Arroz con Pollo | Jacques Pepin

Watch Jacques Pepin show you how to make the easy, kid-friendly chicken + rice dish that his wife loved.

Jacques Pepin's Wife Loved This Easy Chicken + Rice

Legendary French chef Jacques Pepin calls this easy, comforting chicken + rice dish— which his wife loved—"a great, satisfying dinner."

How to Make Chicken Salad | Jacques Pepin

Watch Jacques Pepin show you how to make a quick and easy classic chicken salad + "free" soup!

How to Make Chicken Ballotine Stuffed with Sausage | Jacques Pepin

Watch Jacques Pepin show you how to make one of his favorite dishes: sausage-stuffed chicken ballotine.

The Recipe Jacques Pepin Calls His Greatest of All Time!

Jacques Pepin shares what he calls his greatest recipe of all time: a whole chicken stuffed with sausage.

Lemon, Cream + Sugar Star in This Creamy No-Bake Dessert

Lemon Posset—a quick + easy no-bake British dessert—requires just 3 main ingredients and a few minutes of hands-on time.

Our First Guest Back in the Studio Is Legendary Chef Jacques Pépin—and He Surprises Rachael!

Rach adorably jumps up and down at the sight of Jacques Pépin—our very first guest on our new set during our first show back in studio since March 2020.

How to Make Lemon Posset | Jacques Pépin

Watch Jacques Pépin make his take on British pastry chef Claire Clark's creamy, lemony no-bake dessert—Lemon Posset.

How To Make French Onion Soup (Onion Soup Gratinée) | Jacques Pépin

Watch legendary chef Jacques Pépin show you how to make his French onion soup.

The Legendary Jacques Pépin Shares His Recipe For French Onion Soup

Jacques Pépin shares an easy recipe for onion soup gratinée—a.k.a. French onion soup or onion soup with a golden crust of bread and cheese.

Jacques Pépin Transforms Canned Fish Into a Salmon Au Gratin

Fresh spinach, canned salmon and a few kitchen staples are all that's needed to make this easy gratin of salmon from the legendary Jacques Pépin.