John's James Bond Cocktail, the Vesper

John shares his "James Bond cocktail," the Vesper, a twist on the martini with Lillet Blanc that he created to go with a French meal prepared by Rach.

How to Make James Bond's Vesper Martini | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make his James Bond-inspired cocktail with vodka, gin + Lillet Blanc.

How to Make John’s Apples to Oranges Cocktail

Watch John show you how to make his fruity tequila cocktail made with blood orange juice, Cointreau and calvados, an apple brandy.

Rach Says John's Apple + Orange Cocktail "Tastes Like Fruit Punch"

Rach says John's "apples to oranges" cocktail, made with tequila, calvados, Cointreau + blood orange juice, "tastes like fruit punch."

John's Seasonal Sour Cocktail with Applejack

Watch John show you how to make his apple version of a pisco sour cocktail.

John's Seasonal Sour Cocktail with Applejack

John shares his apple-flavored twist on a pisco sour cocktail.

Rach & John Share Details About Their Childhood Bedrooms—And It's SO Cute

Rach and John recall what their childhood bedrooms were like—and Rach actually admits that she often still dreams of hers—how adorable!

Rach Says She Still Dreams of Her Childhood Bedroom To This Day

Rach and John think back to their childhood bedrooms and share the details of how they were set up—Rach's even had a ladder down to the living room.

John's Italian-Inspired Vodka, Campari + Fennel Cocktail

John shares his Italian-Inspired vodka, Campari + fennel cocktail, which resembles a beautiful sunset.

John Gives a Bubbly Twist to the Negroni

Sparkling rose wine in place of gin gives this cocktail—named after the Negroni Sbagliato (Italian for "a mistaken Negroni")—a fun, bubbly twist.

John's Cranberry Twist on the Negroni

John shares his holiday twist on the Negroni with cranberry juice, fresh orange juice + rosemary.

How to Make a Cranberry Negroni | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make his cranberry, orange + rosemary twist on the Negroni.

John's Lambrusco Twist on the Classic Negroni

John shares a "fun, easy" version of the classic Italian Negroni, subbing Lambrusco for the gin.