Celebrate Summer With John's Spicy Mango Margarita

Fresh mango puree adds a tropical twist and vibrant color to John's spicy margarita.

Celebrate Summer With John's Cucumber Margarita

Rach's husband John gives the margarita a summer makeover using fresh cucumbers, jalapeños and a touch of elderflower liqueur.

How To Make a Cucumber Margarita | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make a summer-ready margarita with fresh cucumbers, jalapenos + a touch of elderflower liqueur.

Make John's Hibiscus Margarita For Your Next Taco Night

Store-bought hibiscus flowers in simple syrup are the secret ingredient behind John's easy margarita, but you can also make hibiscus simple syrup using tea.

How To Make John's Spicy Mango Margarita | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make a spicy margarita with fresh mango purée.

How To Make a "Pari"rita | John Cusimano

Watch John shake up an Italian margarita he named after the Campari that gives this cocktail an extra kick.

John's "Pari"rita Is an Italian Ode To The Margarita

Campari gets shaken up with classic margarita ingredients in John's cocktail he dubbed the "Pari"rita.

Get Into The Red Zone With John's Game Day Margarita

John shares his Red Zone Margarita recipe—a game day spin on a tequila sunrise with grenadine and a spicy twist.

How To Make John Cusimano's Red Zone Margarita For Game Day

Watch John shake up a game day margarita that's worthy of the red zone.

Bobby Flay's Smoky Pomegranate Cocktail

Bobby Flay finishes this pomegranate-tequila cocktail with a splash of smoky mezcal.

How To Make Smoky Pomegranate Cocktail With Tequila & Mezcal | Bobby Flay

Watch Bobby Flay make the fruity & smoky tequila cocktail he's been shaking up all year long.

How To Make A Blood Orange Margarita | John Cusimano

Watch Rach's husband John Cusimano shake up a vibrant blood orange margarita.

Easy On The Eyes: John's Blood Orange Margarita

John gives the margarita an Italian spin by making it with blood orange juice, which is as common in Italy as classic OJ is over here.

How To Make A Hibiscus Margarita | John Cusimano

Watch John make a quick & easy hibiscus margarita using a discovery made by Rach's sister Maria: hibiscus flowers in syrup.