Nate Berkus Shares 5 Crucial Rules for Decorating Your Space

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired February 10, 2016

Nate Berkus is taking us on our tour of his beautiful home, and sharing five must-have rules for bringing beauty into your own space.

Rule 1: Use Pieces in Unexpected Ways

Take a Tour of Nate Berkus' Home

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Nate demonstrates how he uses items in unexpected ways in his entryway. For example, he uses a side table in the middle of his entryway, and a decorative brass box to store odds and ends.

Rule 2: Fireplace Mantel Design

Balance one large mirror or painting on your mantelpiece, then balance it with items like lamps and pottery. You can also arrange bunch of small items and lean them against the fireplace.

Rule 3: Find Symmetry and Balance

Nate tries to balance elements, not necessarily match them. So in his dining room, he has two tall items flanking his doorway, a column and a tall, thin houseplant. They don’t match, but they are both tall items that make the room appear more balanced.

Rule 4: Decorate Your Walls with 3-Dimensional Items

Nate suggests hanging interesting objects on your walls. No need to stick to two-dimensional framed pictures!

Rule 5: Add Texture

Nate suggests dressing up a drab living room with lots of neutrals that feature a lot of texture. He puts metallic pillows and a throw on the couch, and likes to use natural fibers and fringed tables for even more textural interest.

Which of these rules are you excited to try out first? Tell us below.

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