Watch What Happens When We Tried This $8 Corn Stripper On The Show

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Playing Watch What Happens When We Tried This $8 Corn Stripper On The Show

Eating corn on the cob is a summer must-do, but sometimes you want to strip your ears of corn for soups and salads.

And we can all agree that it's not the most exciting—nor the easiest—task.

While Rach has her own trick that involves inverting a small bowl inside a bigger bowl to better catch the kernels, chef and Milk Street Magazine founder Chris Kimball was really excited to introduce it to us to a kitchen gadget that *may* just make the job even easier.

"Are you ready to be amazed?" he asks Rach.

Basically, the Corn Stripper that he went on to demonstrate—which is only $7.99—claims to safely strip whole cobs of corn with a serrated stainless steel blade when you stick the cob in and twist.

Chef'n Corn Stripper

Chef'n Corn Stripper

Williams Sonoma

Watch Chris strip an entire ear of corn in seconds in the video above!

"It makes a little bit of a mess on the counter," Chris admits after he's finished.

(But hey, it's only an hour-long show, and he was trying to get the job done STAT!)

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