‘Chopped’ Stars Go Head-to-Head to Create 3 Must-Try Stuffing Recipes

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Playing ‘Chopped’ Stars Go Head-to-Head to Create 3 Must-Try Stuffing Recipes

We’ve turned the dinner tables on the judges and host of Food Network’s hit show “Chopped”! Ted Allen, Marc Murphy and Amanda Freitag went head-to-head as competitors for the first time ever to turn classic Thanksgiving stuffing into an original masterpiece. But of course, this wouldn’t be true “Chopped” fashion without a mystery ingredient thrown (spoiler alert: it was lime gelatin! (In stuffing? Yep, they made it work!) Watch the video above to see how they pulled it off and get their recipes below.

Ted Allen’s Chestnut Stuffing

Rachael Ray Show

You won’t get CHOPPED from the dinner table with this one! Ha, get it? Moving on -- Ted Allen used fresh chestnuts, cornbread and turkey liver (don’t throw away that bag that comes with the turkey!) to create this dish. His secret ingredient was pickle juice -- when life gives you pickle juice, make pickled celery! No really, that’s what he did. Genius!

Marc Murphy’s Dried Porcini and Pancetta Stuffing

Rachael Ray Show

Chef Marc Murphy puts an Italian spin on this Thanksgiving classic -- he used Italian bread, meaty pancetta, mushrooms and fresh parsley to create this savory side dish. His mystery ingredient was lime green gelatin! Sounds gross, but Rachael tried it herself and said it was delicious. See how he made it in the video above.

Amanda Freitag’s Cornbread Stuffing

Rachael Ray Show

Chef Amanda Freitag used not one, but two different breads in this colorful stuffing (challah and cornbread if you’re wondering) and it’s incredible. Her secret ingredient was beet juice, so she  reduced it with vinegar and used it to pickle onions and celery.

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