Daym Drops Becomes the Butcher + So Can You


Forget about Salt Bae, it’s all about Daym Drops. This YouTube star with over 100 million views and 755,000 subscribers is famous for giving food reviews in his car. He is always up for a challenge, like the time we sent him to etiquette school, to a farm (where he milked a cow!), and of course (arguably the best) is when he got schooled on playing Santa! This time, Rach sent him to The Brooklyn Kitchen to see if butcher Bryan Mayer could turn him into Daym the Butcher.

Bryan walked Daym through breaking down an entire pig into the primal cuts of belly, shoulder, loin and ham, and then cooked them.

Here are some of the key points to breaking down a whole hog:

Step 1: Salt the meat to add flavor and tenderize.
Step 2: Butterfly the meat by dragging the knife in one clean cut, not sawing through the muscle.
Step 3: Save all the unused meat, fat and trimmings for sausage, stock and any other cooking ideas you can think of. Don’t waste anything!

Bryan says a steak is ready to be flipped when the edges along the bottom are brown, and since they should be so well butterflied, it actually cuts down on cooking time.

“If people learn some basic skills when it comes to butchering their food, they’d save a fortune,” says Rach.

How to Break Down an Eye Roast


- Buy a cut with some fat, because fat is “part of the flavor”
- Tie the roast with twine to keep it in a uniform shape “so it cooks much more evenly”
- Enjoy an evenly cooked roast!

Check out the video for step-by-step visual instructions of how to tie that roast.

How to Spatchcock a Chicken


Step 1: Using kitchen shears, cut each half of the chicken away from the spine, about 3/4 of the way through, so the spine is removed.
Step 2: Splay the chicken flat by pressing down to pop the breastbone.
Step 3: Remove the keel bone, and your chicken will cook much more evenly.

Tip: Save all the bones for roasting and using in stock after your roast chicken is but a delicious memory.

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