Always Running Late? Stylist Shares Fashion Tips to Get Ready Faster

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Always Running Late? Stylist Shares Fashion Tips to Get Ready Faster

Have trouble getting out the door because you don’t know what to wear? Style pro Zanna Roberts Rassi shares her "lazy” (translation: time-saving) fashion tips that will streamline your getting-ready process. 

1. Have 1 Central Piece Per Season  

Zanna recommends having one central piece in your closet that you can style your entire outfit around. 

“For example, this season, [I’m] going with a menswear pant,” Zanna says.  

Zanna says she can style this pant with a sneaker and a hoodie to go grocery shopping; a button-down and a bootie to go to the office; or a heel or a sandal to go out for dinner. 

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2. Go from a Workout to a Night-Out with THIS Wardrobe Staple 

Want to transition from a workout to a night-out with ease? Zanna says you can transform athleisurewear by pairing it with a simple black blazer. Talk about “instant chic”! 

“Never underestimate the power of a black blazer,” Zanna says, adding that you can lengthen your leggings and wear heels to elevate your look. 

“The blazer is like a pop of red lipstick; it makes everything look instantly more elegant. And the best part is that you can even wear it with leggings. So, when you leave the gym for your lunch break to meet friends, all you have to do is throw on a blazer and don’t even have to change out of your workout clothes,” Zanna adds. 

The style pro says you can also wear a blazer over a catsuit and look “smokin’ hot.” 

3. Wear Coordinated Sets 

Want to dress in a timely manner? Try matching sets! 

According to Zanna, wearing a monochromatic look “is the chicest, most impactful and the easiest way to get dressed.”  

“But on top of that, you can separate these pieces and wear them with different shirts and bottoms. Now you have multiple outfits that you can wear with this one purchase,” she says. 

4. Create a Uniform for Yourself 

Zanna says another trick that can save you time is to create a “uniform” for yourself; meaning that when you find something you like, you should buy it in multiple colors.  

“For me right now, my ‘uniform’ is wide-legged pants and a top,” Zanna says. “So, when I need to get dressed quickly, I go straight to my rotation of wide-legged pants and pair [them] with a top. The more decisions you eliminate in the morning, the easier it will be for you to get dressed.” 

5. Bring Your Clothes to the Bathroom When You Shower 

Sounds a bit unusual, but Zanna says that when you bring your clothes to the bathroom while you shower, you’re treating possible wrinkles. 

“Let the hot steam from the shower naturally iron your clothes for you. Now you don’t have to worry about ironing, and you just got two things done at once!” 

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