Andrew McCarthy Chokes Up Discussing Emotional Trip to Spain with Son Sam

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Andrew McCarthy Chokes Up Discussing Emotional Trip to Spain with Son Sam

Actor Andrew McCarthy took his soon on a pilgrimage trip through northern Spain—the same one he went on as a young man—and he shares the story.  

"The Camino De Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route through the north of Spain for about 500 miles. And, I did it 25 years ago, I stumbled on it and I walked it 25 years ago and it changed my life in a lot of ways. It made me realize all my patterns of thinking, how fearful I was in the world. It was a big huge experience and I've always talked about it to my family. So, my son, who was 19 when we went last year, agreed to go, [and when he did] I walked into the other room, bought us two plane tickets and 3 days later walking Spain," Andrew says.

"I had very little or no relationship with my dad when I was an adult and it's one of those great regrets of my life. Now, my son is becoming a man and I didn't want that to happen, I didn't want him to slip away the way I slipped away from my father. I wanted us to rewrite our relationship in a certain way as adults as opposed to me being the parent telling the kid what to do all the time. So, it was largely about transitioning that relationship. Now, I'm going to cry," he says, as he gets emotional.

And the pilgrimage definitely helped Andrew and his son grow and learn more about one another, he explains.

"One of the biggest things I discovered about my son that I didn't know before was trying to get him out of bed in the morning—trying to get any teenager out of bed in the morning at 7am is impossible. We had some major fights, but once we were out of bed, we were fine," Andrew adds.

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