Heroes' Adrian Pasdar

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Playing Heroes' Adrian Pasdar

Heroes' Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Pasdar's ability to fly on the hit TV show _Heroe_s has made him a real-life hero to two special little people -- his sons. He shares with Rachael what one of his sons said during a visit to the set. Who were his heroes were when he was a young boy? "My mom and dad, really," Adrian says. "We lived in Philadelphia and my folks were just both really hard working. As a little kid growing up, I really admired them both so much for their fortitude and their ability to raise myself and my sister, that they were my heroes. They still are." Adrian is married to Natalie Maines, the multi-Grammy award-winning lead singer of the Dixie Chicks. Despite the numerous accolades, he says, Natalie remains grounded. "Oddly enough," he says, "my wife, she's just so humble and unaffected by awards. She has a slew of them -- I think this is like 15 Grammys total. Not to diminish it in any way, but it doesn't affect who she is on a day-to-day basis. So they're not out. She's not ostentatious in any way." Adrian stays in shape by running. "I just ran the Las Vegas Marathon," he says. "It's something I got into when I was young." Asked if he shares the passion with his wife, he jokes, "No, she runs to Neiman Marcus!"

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