23 Deliciously Creative Ways to Use Your Harvest this Apple-Picking Season

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It’s apple picking season! If you love to head out to the orchards with your family, but find yourself overwhelmed by the bushels of apples you end up with, here are 23 delicious ways to cook them!

No. 1: Rachael's Maple Pork Chops with Brown Butter, Apples and Onions

Maple Pork Chops
Rachael Ray Show

Sage, onions, and apple wedges add even more fall flavor to this sweet-and-savory pork chop. See it being made in the video above!

No. 2: Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler Pie

Ronnie Woo's Cinnamon Apple Cobbler Pie
Rachael Ray Show

What do you get when you combine apple cobbler, cinnamon rolls, and pie? This amazing, decadent dessert that gets drizzled with a buttery, vanilla glaze. Yum-o!

No. 3: Gluten-Free Apple Pie

Gluten-Free Apple Pie
Rachael Ray Show

A simple crust of gluten-free oats, butter, salt, and sugar make the perfect base for this apple pie

No. 4: Rachael's Chicken with Maple and Mustard, Apples, Potatoes and Onions

Chicken with Maple and Mustard
Rachael Ray Show

Apple wedges get tossed in lemon juice and nutmeg before being roasted alongside chicken, potatoes, and onions in this hearty, seasonal meal

No. 5: Easy Apple Cider Marinade

Rachael Ray Show

Apple cider's not just a delicious fall beverage, it's an excellent addition to this tart marinade which can be used on your favorite cut of meat. 

No. 6: Emeril Lagasse's Cheddar, Bacon, Apple, and Pecan Spoonbread

Emeril Lagasse's Cheddar, Bacon, Apple, and Pecan Spoonbread
Rachael Ray Show


Diced apples are cooked in a flavorful combination of bacon drippings, onion, and celery until softened, stirred into a cheesy cornmeal batter, then baked into an irresistible golden brown spoonbread

No. 7: Rachael's Chicken Pot Pie with Apples and Leeks

Chicken Pot Pie
Rachael Ray Show


Aromatic leeks and apples enhance these crowd-pleasing, individual pot pies

No. 8: Daphne Oz's Cider-Braised Brisket with Red Cabbage and Apples

Cider-Braised Brisket
Rachael Ray Show


Apples do double duty in this sensational brisket recipe! They're thinly sliced and added to the cabbage and apple cider is used in the braising liquid. 

No. 9: Lazy Apple Pie

Lazy Apple Pie
Rachael Ray Show

Frozen puff pastry makes this comforting apple pie a total cinch to put together!

No. 10: 3-Ingredient Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp
Rachael Ray Show


Sara Moulton, one of the nation’s top recipe writers and cooking teachers does it again. This is SO EASY.

No. 11: Salty Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple
Rachael Ray Show

This autumnal treat has everything—chocolate, caramel, nuts, hot fudge, pretzels, and, of course, a crunchy apple underneath. Watch Julie Andrews help make them here: Salty Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Apple

No. 12: Stuffed Apple Pancakes


These are equally perfect for breakfast or dessert. 

No. 13: Braised Pork with Fennel, Apples and Onions

Rachael Ray Show

If you’re looking for another savory idea, this delicious braised pork will satisfy the whole family, and is the perfect meal for a chilly fall evening.

No. 14: Apple Bacon Cheddar Mac

Grant's Apple Bacon Cheddar Mac
Rachael Ray Show

The combination of sweet-and-savory takes this comforting mac and cheese to new heights. 

No. 15: Cinnamon-Dusted Autumn Apple Chips

Rachael Ray Show

How’s this for a health treat? You only need TWO ingredients for these delicious apple chips from chef Graham Elliot: apples and cinnamon!

No. 16: Caramel Apple Pancakes

Rachael Ray Show

Simply core and peel an apple, cut into rings, place on your griddle, spoon prepared pancake batter over it... and cook like a regular pancake. Yum!

No. 17: Mason Jar Lid Apple Pies

Rachael Ray Show

If you want all the flavor of apple pie, but don’t have a crowd to feed, you can try these individual mini apple pies, made right in the lid of a mason jar!

No. 18: Kelsey Nixon’s Pork-Apple-Quinoa Meatballs

Rachael Ray Show

These healthy meatballs are made with the superfood quinoa and some grated apple for an added flavor boost.

No. 19: Good Morning Juice

Rachael Ray Show

This yummy breakfast juice from Curtis Stone is a healthy way to drink your vitamins!

No. 20: Apple Bread Pudding with Caramel Dessert Sauce

Rachael Ray Show

This one's great for a crowd! Throw the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook, then just make the sauce to drizzle on top when you’re ready to serve.

No. 21: Rachael's Pork and Veal Schnitzels with Red Cabbage, Apple Sauce & Potato Pancakes

Rachael Ray Show

Served with a thyme-infused applesauce and red cabbage with apples... What could be more perfect for a cozy fall dinner?

No. 22: Maple Bourbon Apple Pie

Rachael Ray Show

A little booze in your apple pie? Yes, please. This recipe is spiked with bourbon to take the classic to a whole new level.

No. 23: Rachael's Apple Cider Chicken

Cider Chicken

Apple cider vinegar adds tang to the pan sauce for this easy chicken dish.

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