A Penguin Egg Holder That Makes Hard Boiling Eggs Easier? We Tried It

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Playing Penguin Egg Holder Demo | Our Culinary Team Tests Kitchen Gadgets

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As a food stylist on Rachael's culinary team, Kate Bennert understands the importance of a dish that looks as good as it tastes. So when she's making hard boiled eggs, for example, she doesn't want any pesky hairline cracks. 

"The hardest part for me when boiling a lot of eggs is trying not to crack the egg when I drop it in the water," Kate says.

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She's testing out a cute product that claims to make it easier to boil your eggs — and remove them all at once when they're ready.

Product: Egguins Egg Holder
Claims to
make it easier to cook and store hard boiled eggs.

So, what did Kate think of her experience with the Egguins? Find out in the video above.

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