A Registered Dietitian's Healthy Grocery Shopping List

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Playing Inside a Registered Dietitian's Fully Stocked Kitchen

In order to eat like a nutritionist, you have to shop like one first, right?

Well, lucky for us, registered dietitian and nutritionist Maya Feller gives us a peek inside her NYC kitchen — and reveals her go-to snacks — so now we know exactly what to stock up on the next time we hit the grocery store.

Watch her tour in the video above and get her list below!

1. Dried Unsweetened Blueberries

"You're going to get antioxidants, you're going to get polyphenols [and] you're going to get vitamins and minerals," Maya tells us.

2. Plain Jarred Tomatoes

"There's nothing added," the dietitian says. "I control what's going in."

3. Seaweed

"It is a fantastic snack," Maya says. "It [has] soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as Omega-3."

Snack alert: Maya likes to wrap her seaweed around hard-boiled eggs for a protein-filled boost.

(Fun fact: We learned from a viewer that seaweed is actually a diet staple in Japan — one of the top countries for life expectancy!)

4. Lots Of Fresh Fruit

"Having fresh produce in my home is absolutely important," Maya tells us. "It is the basis of all of our meals."

For starters, Maya had bananas, oranges, grapefruit, pomegranates and tomatoes on hand.

5. Mushrooms

"I will buy different types of mushrooms and just vary them in and out," the nutritionist says, "because the nutrition properties vary based on the mushroom."

(During our tour, Maya had cremini mushrooms!)

6. Swiss Chard (or Rainbow Chard)

"[It's] a really nice source of vitamins and minerals," Maya says.

7. Duck Eggs

"Duck eggs are a lot bigger than regular eggs," she says. "They're higher in protein, so it's about 9 grams of protein per duck egg, which is amazing."

8. Plantain Chips

If you're looking for an alternative to a traditional potato chip, plantain chips are your friends, Maya insists.

"[They're] low in sodium with no added sugars," she says.

9. Jerusalem Artichokes

"It's a resistant starch, so that's nice for people who are trying to pay attention to blood sugar spikes," Maya tells us.

10. Radish

Maya likes ALL types of radishes, like a watermelon radish, black radish and a rainbow radish — and she especially likes mixing them in a salad with a little dressing and seeds.

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11. Lactose-Free Milk

"It's really easy for me to digest," the dietitian says. "I will never, ever give up my morning coffee." (Us either!)

12. Popcorn

"I love popcorn because it's a whole food," Maya tells Rach. "It's whole grain. It's a little bit crunchy."

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13. Almonds

"[They're] a wonderful source of protein," the nutritionist goes on, "so [they're] going to help keep you satiated."

Snack alert: Maya likes to mix popcorn, almonds and dried unsweetened blueberries for an afternoon snack.

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