Actor Taye Diggs' 9-Year-Old Has Strict Rules About His Dad's Love Life

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We're always happy to get some quality time with our buddy (and sometimes co-host) Taye Diggs. And we could hardly believe it when he told us his son Walker is already 9 years old!

Not only is the young man becoming a pretty independent little guy, it turns out he's also a *little bit* bossy when it comes to his dad's dating life.

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After Rach inquires, Taye reveals, "According to him, I can't date!"

"He came right out and said 'no,'" he continues, "'I don't want you to have a girlfriend. I just want to hang out with you.'"

We've got to admit, that's pretty cute!

We loved catching up with the TV and Broadway star, who also generously gifted our studio audience one-month of STAGE, a streaming network devoted to theatre (where Taye hosts a talk show!). 

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