Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas That Don't Involve Paint or Wallpaper

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Boring white walls in your bedroom? It could be time to dress them up a bit. Our viewer Kayla is tired of looking at her boring walls and ready for an upgrade. And it's no surprise that interior design expert Lauren Makk has a few ideas. These unique accent wall ideas are complete show-stoppers—and will probably make your bedroom your new favorite room in the house.  

Don't forget about macrame.  


"Macrame is making a huge comeback and it's not your grandma's macrame. Now it's elegant, sophisticated—it got a makeover. Macrame had its makeover and it's having its moment," explains Lauren. "So, I found a beautiful macrame hanging that's perfect for Kayla that was digitally designed for her."  

"It's lightweight, it's elegant, it's affordable. You can hang it on one nail, so it's renter-friendly. And I think it really adds a mood to her space that's sophisticated and doesn't really overwhelm her," says Lauren.  

Go with a statement headboard.  

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"This is an exaggeration of a headboard, which means instead of just having it right over the bed, it's elongated it through the room or elevated it up to the ceiling," explains Lauren.  This is an option that's super DIY-friendly, but can also be done by any local craftsman or you can find them online.  

"[These headboards] really just trick the eye into elongating the space, making it look bigger and grander than it is. Plus, what I love about a headboard is you can take it with you when you leave, so it's a great way to add some style." Such a creative idea!  

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