Can You Freeze Fresh Pasta Dough? YES — And Here's How Rachael Does It

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If you're staying home, you might be getting a bit more adventurous in the kitchen — whether you're stress baking, bread making or pasta making

And you're probably freezing a ton of food that you're buying, cooking or baking in bulk — but can you freeze fresh pasta dough?

"Absolutely," Rach says, "and just like vegetables." 

"You do it on trays so it's separated and it's easy to portion out and grab," she continues. "So just like when I blanch vegetables, you would put that fresh pasta on a baking sheet, on a piece of parchment — and I'd put that in the freezer. Once it's actually frozen, each individual gnocchi or piece of cavatelli will stay nice and loose — so when you're boiling it, to serve, you can take one handful, two handfuls, three." 

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