Cheryl Hines on Iconic "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Audition + IS Larry David Sexy? (Rach Chimes In!)

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It's been about 21 years since Cheryl Hines was cast as Larry David's onscreen wife in the beloved HBO comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm." But she still remembers her audition — and honestly, it's so true "Curb"!

"So when I went into audition there was no script," says Cheryl, explaining that the show is indeed completely improvised. "And they just said, 'You're going to talk to Larry. You're going to improvise with Larry. And all you know if you've heard it all before.' And at that moment in time, we had kids."

("Curb" fans, can you imagine?!)

With just that to go on, she and Larry start talking, and Larry begins a truly "Curb"-worthy debate — how high should the milk line be in a cereal bowl?

Friends, could there be a more Larry David debate? 😂

Watch Cheryl, who also co-hosts the podcast "Tig and Cheryl: True Story," set the scene in the video above. Plus, watch her and Rach have their own debate: Is Larry David sexy? (Spoiler alert: At least one of these two ladies certainly thinks so!)

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