Could Eating Pistachios Before Bed Help You Sleep?

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Before you reach for an unhealthy salty snack or pint of ice cream to eat while binging a TV show late at night, "The Sleep Doctor" suggests going for a handful of pistachios instead—especially if you usually have trouble falling asleep. (Though, just for the record, we support indulging in chips or ice cream every once in a while, too!)  

Not only will this green nut satisfy your late-night hunger, but according to Dr. Michael Breus, —a.k.a. "The Sleep Doctor"—the vitamins and nutrients in pistachios can contribute to making you feel tired and ultimately help you fall asleep.  

"Turns out pistachios are loaded with protein, and they also have vitamin B6 and magnesium," Dr. Breus says, "all of which are great for sleep."  

How many pistachios should you eat before bed—and when exactly? 

"I recommend about a quarter of a cup maybe an hour to an hour and a half before bedtime," the sleep doc says. "And do yourself a favor, make sure you stay hydrated. Pistachios can be a little salty, and you want to make sure you get a great night's sleep."  

And if hunger before bed isn't your problem, but you struggle with worrying, "The Sleep Doctor" has you covered with his worry journal + more tips, like his favorite pillow and mattress recommendations depending on how you sleep.  

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