GMA's Ginger Zee Explains Why She Stopped Buying New Clothes

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Could YOU do it?

"Good Morning America's" chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee, swung by the kitchen table to chat with Rach and John, and while she was here, she shared a sustainability challenge she did earlier this year: No new clothes for three months!

"I could buy with consignment and second-hand," Ginger explains, "but nothing new. I'm not a monster — I'm not talking about no new underwear if I needed them! But any of the other things."

Instead, Ginger says, she relied on "shopping my own closet" — which, she notes, most of us ignore 20% of — and renting pieces, too.

But it's what happened after the three months were up that floored us.

"It was so easy," Ginger insists, "I never stopped!" That's six months strong with no new clothes, folks!

Of course, Ginger's a climate change expert, so the challenge — and her continued dedication to it — really shouldn't surprise us. And in fact, her challenge doesn't stop at clothes. Inspired by sustainability expert Ashlee Piper, Ginger has even taken on a new challenge: "No New Things."

Even for special occasions!

Which is why, for this upcoming holiday season, Ginger and her family — including her two sons, Adrian, seven, and Miles, four — are sustainably gifting.

"It's about taking the pause, being thoughtful about how you're giving, [and] really working on experiences [over things]," says Ginger.

And as we all know, experiences = memories. So we can very much get behind this, Ginger! 🧡

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