Rachael On Her First Cooking Accident at Food Network: "I was just talking with my hands!"

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Has Rach ever had a cooking accident? Definitely.

Just like when answering a viewer who asked whether she's ever made a bad meal, Rach says that when you cook as much as she does, accidents happen!

"Anyone who works in a kitchen for — in my case, 40 years, of course — you cut yourself, you burn yourself."

There are safety measures to keep in mind, Rach points out. "Generally you're supposed to curl your fingers over like a little cat paw. Keep your chef knife tilted a little bit away from your body," she says.

"The first time I cut myself at Food Network I wasn't even cooking," Rach recalls. "I was just talking with my hands and I sliced the tip of [my] finger off."

"I've cut and burned myself a thousand times. It's just one of the laws of averages when you work around flames and sharp objects your whole life," Rach adds with a laugh.

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