Jenny Mollen Shares 6 Things She's Obsessed With To Keep Her Kids—and Herself!—Healthy

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You may know Jenny Mollen for being an actress, a best-selling author, Jason Biggs' better half OR for hilariously documenting her parenthood journey on Instagram.

And if you only know of her personal Instagram account, you're in for a treat. She also started an account called @dictatorlunches, where she documents the adorably elaborate lunches she makes for her *particular* 5-year-old son, Sid.

"He's the dictator I'm trying to appease," Jenny jokes. "I'm constantly trying to make him happy. He likes to give me either a thumbs up or a thumbs down."

How can he not give these masterpieces a thumbs up?!

And while we're on the subject of being healthy, Jenny shared six things she's obsessed with to keep herself healthy. (Because mamas need to prioritize their health, too!)

1. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

The gluten-free and grain-free puffs are made with cassava root, Jenny tells us. And she seriously can't get enough of them!

"You can't eat just one of them," the actress says.

2. Addictive Wellness Chocolates

"I eat this at night instead of drinking wine," the mom of two says of the sugar-free snack. "I'm not a big drinker, so this is my wine at night."

And she feels good about giving them to her sons, too.

"I feel like a win for Sid should also be a win for me," Jenny says. "If he wants a piece of chocolate, I want to know I'm getting something out of it."

We think that's totally fair!


This brand serves up dried fruits with the skin still on. "Having the skin on, you just feel better about yourself," Jenny says. "Like, I'm actually getting all the vitamins I'm supposed to be getting from this fruit." Plus, she adds, "It makes you very regular." Can't argue with that benefit! 

4. GEM

These "vitamin bites" are made from leafy greens that boast spirulina, C minerals, and ashwagandha. ("All the New Age stuff," Jenny jokes.) And while Rach didn't love the taste, she could get behind this: "[It's supposed to] keep us as young as possible," says Jenny. We can get behind that, too!

5. Drunk Elephant Skincare

As for self-care — all parents need to set aside time for that, are we right? Especially on the skincare front! — Jenny is all about Drunk Elephant Skincare.

The mom of two admits that she suffered from "disastrous" acne after having her second child, Lazlo, so she reconsidered her skincare routine. And that's when she discovered Drunk Elephant, a non-toxic skincare system that contains moisturizers, serums, masks, cleansers, sun protection and more.

"[It] has changed my life," Jenny says. "[Creator Tiffany Masterson] says there are six things that should never be on your skin, like drying agents, alcohols or essential oils."

"She's basically saying that's clogging your face," she continues. "I trusted her, I took this journey, and now it's all I use."

6. Working On Her Core

Last but not least, Jenny commits to working out two to three times a week with NYC-based trainer Hunter Crine, who has her doing a number of exercises, including tossing medicine balls, to maintain her core strength. Because, after all, the little dictators keep her on her toes!

Jenny Mollen On The 2 Healthy Snacks + Skincare Line She's Obsessing Over Right Now

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