Jesse Palmer on Why Wife Emely Fardo Is the One + FINALLY Having Their Dream Wedding in France

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Playing Jesse Palmer Sweetly Explains Why Wife Emely Fardo is the One

One of the last times we spoke to "Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer, he was a newly happily married man—but he and wife Emely Fardo weren't able to have the French wedding they had planned. 

"We were supposed to get married in France twice, but of course, Covid had other ideas," Jesse told us at the end of 2021. "We ended up getting married in our friend's backyard in Connecticut—super small and intimate. It was great." 

Fast forward to 2022 and they finally got to have the wedding of their dreams in France. 

jesse palmer emely fardo
Rachael Ray Show
jesse palmer emely fardo
Rachael Ray Show

"That was our dream wedding," Jesse says, looking at beautiful photos of the day with Rach. "We had eloped at the start of COVID in Connecticut with some close friends in attendance, but we had planned this dream wedding of ours and we never had a chance to get married in front of our family. Emely's from Brazil, so her family flew to France. My family flew in, as well. We had this gorgeous chateau. Emely was just radiant. It was so emotional. I was crying my eyes out the entire time. She was absolutely just a goddess. It was beautiful. So yeah, I've gotten really good at marrying the same woman over and over and over." 

"Also, getting married at this time, you're celebrating so many things—the marriage, the love and the families, and also just life," Jesse adds. "[With] all the craziness ... everyone's had to go through and is going through and experiencing, it was just an overall great celebration for us all to be together. So that was really cool." 

On Emely's favorite part of the day, Jesse says it was quite the emotional one...for the whole family! 

"I think it was her father walking her down this ... French garden," the "Bachelor" host recalls. "And then it's funny ... my brother was the officiant, so he's sitting there and then I saw Emely and I started crying, and my brother was looking at me and then he started crying. And then his wife started crying and then my mom and dad started crying, and it was like this snowball of tears. 

As for how he knew Emely was the one, the answer's simple. 

"Emely gives me space to be me," Jesse says. "And she accepts me for all the terrible things that I am. She gives me peace because I just feel loved and I feel accepted." 


For the record, though, "There's nothing terrible," Rach says. "I've known him for many years. There's nothing terrible." 

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