Jessica Alba's Husband Cash Warren Has Hilarious Sales Pitch For His Cooling Men's Underwear

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 15, 2020

Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, shared an adorable, virtual double date with Rach and John over video chat.

Jessica gushed over her husband's company, Pair of Thieves, which sells men's basics like socks, underwear and tees, as well as loungewear.

"We got lucky with the timing of the loungewear, and the underwear continues to do exceptionally well," Cash says. "Our hero is the SuperFit [fabric], and it feels like air-conditioning for your junk, so it's cooling and breathable. We care about you!"

Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men's Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack

Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men's Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack


Jessica explains that "during Covid, Cash's company was one of the first to actually [donate] a percentage of sales — him and his business partners then got their manufacturer to manufacture masks to send to healthcare workers." 

"Isn't it also a great time to be introducing people to cool loungewear? Everything that your brand is doing is exactly the moment that everybody needs it," Rach points out. "Way up here in the mountains, all we usually wear is loungewear," she adds about her and John's at-home style. "Thank you so much for the things that you've sent our way — we've felt like summer Christmas here. The socks, the underwear, everything, our minds are blown!" In addition to Cash sending John items from Pair of Thieves, Jessica sent some of her Honest skincare products for both Rach and John to try.

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